Designing the dialog between the user and the product

Hi, I'm Suzanne, and I'm an UX Designer!

What I do

UX Research

Defining the starting points. Exploring the behaviours, needs and motivations of users. Adding context and insight to the design process.

UX Strategy

Defining the vision and framing the problem. Set up the design criteria and succes metrics. Make an implementation plan. And off course aligning all of the stakeholders!

UX Design

Improving usability, accessibility, and pleasure by design. Concepts, prototyping and testing with real users in an iterative cycle.

A selection of My work

Research - Design

Pivot - An entertainment and domotica system for luxury yachts

For VBH I designed a universal remote for their luxury yacht systems

Research - Design

A comfortable online shopping experience for Miss Etam

Responsive webshop for Miss Etam based on their existing e-commerce platform

Research - Design

TV interface in the cloud for Ziggo interactive television

How to navigate through thousands of hours of media with the six common buttons on your remote?

other companies I've worked with


Research, vision and concept for a new real-estate agent dashboard


Part of redesigning the Philips Intranet according to new brand guidelines


Interaction design for the tomtom speed cameras app

Albert Heijn

Seasonal christmas campagne pages for this large chain of Dutch supermarkets

Ebay Classifieds

Design sprint to kickstart the redesign of the admarket seller analytics tool

About me

I wanted to be an inventer when I grew up

I was very sad when I found out there was no such thing as 'inventer-school'. So I found the next best thing: product design. Three years later I found out where my real interests lie: it's not about the product, it's about the people.

Fast forward 10 years and here I am: deeply fascinated by how people interact - with digital stuff, but also with eachother, and with themselves.


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