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A science-backed, tried and tested method, design thinking will help you solve problems ranging from what data to show in your dashboard to how to set up a method library for your design team.

The key is finding the biggest assumptions trough research, then testing the most promising solutions with actual users. Fostering a deep understanding and providing hands on tools for quickly iterating until you get it right, design thinking helps take the risk out of your development cycle and deliver a product people will actually want to use.

"A wonderful product solving the wrong problem will fail

(Design Thinking framework adapted from nngroup.com)


IIVO: Climate computer for greenhouses

UX Design
Smart monitoring, controlling and maintaining for any greenhouse. View this project
UX Design
Main navigation for the Rituals webshop A new categorisation, labeling and design to simplify finding the right Rituals product View this project
Design Sprint
UX Design
Play with quantum in the Quantum Network Editor Demonstrating quantum network technology and enabling custom applications on a network simulator View this project
UX Concept
Uniting pharmasists with a webshop for medical aids Bringing back client data and client care to the independent pharmacy, giving them a seat at the table View this project
UX Design
Pivot - An entertainment and domotica system for luxury yachts One remote to rule them all, for current and future systems, tailor made to every specific luxury yacht View this project
UX Concept & design
TV Interface in the cloud for Ziggo interactive television How to navigate through thousands of hours of media with just the six common buttons on your remote? View this project

About me

I wanted to be an inventer when I grew up.
I actually think I've come pretty close.

I've been trained as a physical product designer and I've been working as an interaction designer for over 10 years. In over 50 long and short term projects I've thought of solutions for amongst others quantum computing, cocoa sustainability, medical aids, lending & leasing and online TV.

What keeps me going is a curiosity, a drive to find out how the world works, how things relate to eachother and then to find the one thing we can do to make it even better.

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Current obsessions

System mapping

Croissant baking



Companies I've worked with


Research, vision and concept for a new real-estate agent dashboard


Part of redesigning the Philips Intranet according to new brand guidelines


Interaction design for the tomtom speed cameras app

Albert Heijn

Seasonal christmas campagne pages for this large chain of Dutch supermarkets

Ebay Classifieds

Design sprint to kickstart the redesign of the admarket seller analytics tool

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